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How to Write a History Essay

The word “essay” has come into the Russian language from the French word “ezzay” which is translated as experience, trial, attempt, sketch. So, in the essay, you should tell your thoughts to the reader. But it isn’t a simple deal. There are rules on how to write my paper about history theme in the right way.

Where to Start?

Starting to write an essay from a template, you can forget about the high scores. First, you need to learn how to write an essay according to plan, not from the template. The template is used only if the student can’t cope on his own. In this way, the teacher can make a sample, with missing parts of the text. Such a sample is written by the teacher for a particular student, taking into account his mistakes and his misunderstanding. Another problem is not everybody can understand what a historical process is or even confuse historical events with historical phenomena.

Before you start writing historical essay make a plan for the historical period you will write about. Next step is to write the main part of the text based on your plan. In conclusion, you can tell your own opinion or be agree (or disagree) with the position of any historian.

Some Tips to Make Your Essay Better

1. The essay should be perceived as a whole, the idea should be clear and understandable for the reader;
2. The essay should include only the information that is necessary to show your position and idea;
3. The essay should have a competent composition, be logical and has a clear structure;
4. Each paragraph of the essay should contain only one main idea;
5. The essay should show that its author knows and makes intelligent use of theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, and ideological ideas;
6. The essay should contain convincing arguments.

At the picture below you can see the write structure of a historical essay.

structure of a historical essay

Main Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not to check your essay. It isn’t enough to read your text one time and check grammar. It will be better to show an essay to your friends or parent and get sure there is no ambiguous expressions and misunderstanding.
2. Don’t write the big and boring foreword. This part should make the reader interesting in your essay. If it is too long or not interesting it is the failure.
3. Lack of details. The historical essay should contain details and real examples but not only your thoughts.
4. Too many words. Essays are limited by a certain number of words. It isn’t a big text, so you should determine the main idea and don’t distract the reader’s attention by not related things.
5. Long phrases. Your essay should be easy to read. Avoid long phrases. Try to use simple sentences and small paragraphs.

Summing Up

Writing a historical essay is not an easy deal. If you are not sure in yourself it will be better to ask for help professional essay writers. Trying to write an essay by your own use all the advice and remember about mistakes you should avoid. Good Luck!

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